Hi my name with Amie and after months of attempting to find out the mystery rash that I began at my hematologist, because I was feeling very symptomatic of my Kokomo Hemoglobin, he who ran all the test for SLE which can back negative. I have a effect hemoglobin of 55% due a mutation in my beta chain. He eventually gave up and sent me to a dermatologist. Because of the steps that I took to bring it under control (prednisone, layers, sunblock and the summer heat had ease) she was unable to perform a skin biopsy and requested I call as soon as I broke out; which I did approximately a month ago. She fit me fit me in right away and after over 2 weeks of waiting I was diagnosed on Monday with Timud Lupus. I am interest on information on LET, the medication of Plaquenie, and it's effects on your bodies, and curious if there are traditional fellow lupus sufferer that have a hemoglobin disorder similar to mine.

Thank you in advance for your input and consideration to my questions is appreciate.

Thank you,