It has been a while since I posted anything on here but i look at it often. I have a question...I am 40 years old 5'4" weighing 133. I have been diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder/mild lupus. I have raynauds and major leg pain. I went to rheumy for my 6 month visit and had a little burning that morning when urinating so rheumy did a urine sample and dipstick showed ph-5, glucose-0,ketones-neg,leukocytes-trace,nitrate-neg,protein 30+, blood-moderate. The microscopic was EPI-too numberous to count, mucus 3+/lpf, white cells 5-10/hpf, red cells 2-5/hpf, bacteria urine 1+/hpf. culture was growth indicative of contamination with peri-urethral flora. macroscopic showed spec gravity 1.030 H, leuko esterase trace, Blood + A. The rest was negative and normal. The dipstick showed protein 30+ but macroscopic showed protein negative. Does any of this say anything? I never took any antibiotic and never had any more burning or urine problems since that morning. I am worried there is something wrong with my kidneys. My blood tests came back normal. My rheumy nurse just said to let her know if I have any more problems.