A week ago I did a urinalysis at my doctor's office (not rheumy, pain management) and I tested positive for a kidney infection. I have had issues with my kidneys for a long time. Just pain around them and burning when I urinate. I've been drinking more water since I got the results back. I drink water daily, but have increased it. I don't usually drink a lot of carbonated or caffeinated drinks besides my morning cup of coffee. This kidney infection is different though. Yesterday, despite drinking two 24oz bottles of water, I didn't have to pee until at least 4 hours later. My urine looks very cloudy and I'm feeling awful in general. My legs always swell and my face is getting swollen too. In general I'm tired, achy, and I'm nervous about nephritis. Has anyone had lupus nephritis? What were some early symptoms .... besides the symptoms that you don't see on WebMD or sites like that?