In the past I have suffered from migraines and they were GOD awful..... they died down for a very long time and here lately they have reared their ugly little head. I can usually take some excedrin and drink some caffeine and feel better but I really wonder about some things. It is my fault I have been so busy with work and choir rehearsal blah blah blah I have neglected to take my medicine. It may have been a month since my last plaquenil pill. Complete airhead of me I know. I have done my google search and as smart as I am its still not making any sense to me how migraines and lupus relate. I get it but I am not getting it. I mean these migraines get so bad I can literally forget where I am at that moment. I find myself confused and I don't like it at all. Really that happens even if I am having a minor headache. Can anyone explain how the two relate ( Not using all the scientific terms I am seeing) I have so much on my mind as it is I don't even have time to break down my own thoughts... let alone medical terms