Got the results from the neurologist yesterday. They actually have an effective test for Parkinson's now; so accordingly I do not have Parkinson's like Michael J Fox. Neuro's words. The symptoms in my left hand, tremors, spasms and dropping things is due to carpal tunnel. The neuropathy and other spasms are probably Lupus related. Which is in a period of non activity (remission). The AVM at the top of my head shows no activity - yeah!!! He told me the the have now developed non surgical procedures to correct it.

Well, all in all this is good.
I used to be on
Tizanadine now replaced by Lyrica. Not too sure about this one but it covers several different symptoms so I'm taking it for now.
Say adios to the mirapex - that was an expensive one. So that's 2 drugs replaced by one. The rest are all lifetime drugs.

If anyone has any thoughts on the Lyrica (pregabalin) please post them as this drug has only been around since 2004