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Thread: Issue with setting avatar

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    Question Issue with setting avatar

    Hey there,

    I'm new to the forums, so I was attempting to set my avatar and came across the following errors.

    First, when I click on the "My Profile" link in the upper right hand corner of the main forum page, I get the following:

    Well, I tried to post an image of the issue, but I guess as a newbie, I'm limited for that, so here's the error:

    Warning: Declaration of vB_ProfileBlock_Blog::block_is_enabled() should be compatible with that of vB_ProfileBlock::block_is_enabled() in ..../includes/class_profileblock_blog.php on line 436
    Then, when I attempt to update my avatar, whether I upload or link, I get the following:

    Warning: Declaration of vB_Image_Magick::fetch_image_info() should be compatible with that of vB_Image_Abstract::fetch_image_info() in ..../includes/class_image.php on line 1256

    Warning: Declaration of vB_Image_GD::fetch_image_info() should be compatible with that of vB_Image_Abstract::fetch_image_info() in ..../includes/class_image.php on line 2488

    Along with a message in the content area that I have uploaded an "Invalid File."
    My image is 50 x 50, and I have attempted both a .jpg (3 kb) and a .png (6 kb).

    Am I missing something? Thanks for your help!

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    hi duchess, and welcome.

    unfortunately there is a problem with our program ..... it will not upload photos.
    so you are not doing anything wrong.
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