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Thread: Today I was prescribed Tramdol and Flexirl (sorry for the spelling!)

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    Default Today I was prescribed Tramdol and Flexirl (sorry for the spelling!)

    hey everyone-
    today my rhuemy prescribed tramadol (which scared me because he told me it was a "controlled substance") and flexirl for my joint pain. What are your experiences with these two medications, good or bad? Please let me know ASAP, thankyou !

    PS-I know I misspelled both of the medication names, but I am at this moment trying to juggle making dinner, doing laundry, and watching my kids

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    I've seen on the threads that they work great for some, and not for others. I was prescribed Tramadol specifically because it wasn't a controlled substance, it can be addictive though (from what I've read on it.)But that was about 3 years ago, and things change, so who knows... The Tramadol did nothing for my pain. Advil was more effective (not that the advil helped, but that's how ineffective the Tramadol was for me.) I hope you're like the others, & get relief with it.
    Flexiril in my experience has always been prescribed to me as a muscle relaxer. I'm not sure why that would help with joint pain though. Perhaps I'm assuming too much though... I assume b/c you have lupus your joint pain is due to inflamation. Relaxing the muscles at joints is all dandy, but unless you get rid of the inflamation relaxing muscles doesn't seem to do much... The Flexeril did at least help me when I throw my back out, but that's the only occasions I've had any experience with it.
    The medical community is always finding new ways to use old drugs... Heck, I take a kidney transplant drug to treat my lupus, so who's to say those two meds won't work for you?
    Who knows... Lupus tends to affect is all similarily, but yet different. And then the medications work different for everyone as well. I hope you get some much needed relief!

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    Tramadol did help me when I took it. For me it was a good pain killer. I take several meds that are control substances, lucky me. Drugs affect different people different ways, our individual chemistries see to that. Your and your docs just have to find the right one(s).

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