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    Default new information about omega 3 oils

    i know there is no diet that will cure lupus.
    but i know many of us battle weight gain.

    please talk to your doctors before trying any diet.
    what i am writing is what i am about to try .... to lower my weight

    i have spent the last 15 or so months trying to balance my health, weight, and pain.

    i have kept 2 of them in check, only by upsetting the third.

    over the last 6 months i have changed my weight from 213 Lb to 285 Lb.
    whilst on a diet made especially for me by a dietitian.
    and i have grown more than enough.

    as a last resort i have decided to do a complete review with my doctor, and remove any medication that may assist with weight gain, (unless it is essential)

    the one component that surprised me the most was omega 3 supplements.

    it actually makes good sense when you stop and think about it.
    omega 3 tablets are made from fish oils.
    these oils are very fatty.
    a little oil makes a big difference to a fish......
    so it must make a difference to us.

    what happens to us if we stop taking omega 3 oils?
    if you only stop for a week or two ....
    there is no noticeable difference in your joints.

    if you stop taking it indefinitely .....
    pain will return in about 3 weeks.

    my aim is to go on a very strict diet for about 3 or 4 weeks.
    the time will depend on my health.
    i will resume my normal controlled diet as soon as my health dictates.

    the main point of this post is to help us all recognise where our imbalance could lie.
    omega 3 oils are well known as a good way to increase weight in some patients.
    our modern diet is full of supplements.
    if we are adding oils or fats via our supplements .......
    then weight gain will of course be a logical outcome.
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