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Thread: Is it normal to have some dsDNA antibodies?

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    Default Is it normal to have some dsDNA antibodies?

    A few months ago I was tested for lupus for many reasons. My dsDNA came back slightly elevated at 11. My rheum said it is no big deal because I always have a negative ANA and that is just slightly elevated, but elevated nonetheless.

    I have been having a lot of symptoms that I talked to my Primary Care doctor about. He did a slew of bloodwork and dsDNA came back at 14 this time, but it was with a reference range of 0-99. Does that mean it is in the normal range? Or is it out of range, like the first one was at 11?

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    Higher titres of anti-dsDNA antibodies are more suggestive of SLE and lower titres can be found in people without the disease. Your values are still quite low. In contrast to the high specificity, estimates of 25-85% have been observed for the sensitivity of anti-dsDNA in SLE. Therefore, presence of anti-dsDNA antibodies are suggestive of SLE, however an absence of the antibodies does not rule out the disease. DsDNA below the value of 30 (U/ML) is considered normal. Above 75 (U/ML) is considered positive. A low value with a negative ANA is generally accepted as not being indicative of SLE.
    Did your doctors also check your compliment levels? If so, what were they?
    At any rate, doctors are usually cautioned to keep an eye on both as the disease can change courses rapidly. Also, it should be noted that ANA can be negative and the person can still have SLE (however, other important test results must be positive!). Your reference range is still within the normal range for dsDNA. Please note, that your age alone can often make your dsDNA values increase. You did not specify how old you are, but this increase is common amongst those over the age of 55.

    I hope that this has been helpful to you. Please let me know if you need anything further!!

    Peace and Blessings
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