Hi all.
So I have had a TERRIBLE ongoing headache since Friday (the 8th) and it will not go away no matter how much I do. It has led me to having terrible fatigue as well as just not mentally being "there". I am so forgetful now and I have been having trouble talking/forming sentences as well as getting out what I'm trying to say in general.

It's starting to really scare me because when I first got sick back in 2008, it began with me catching a cold (which I just recently got over one), then it led to me being really exhausted all the time (which I have been since Friday) as well as a never ending headache which i have also been experiencing.

I really don't want these to all be signs of my disease beginning to flare up again. I'm stuck in the crossroads because I am away at school until Thanksgiving break which isn't for another two weeks. I have a doctors appointment for when I go home, but what if that is waiting too long? My boyfriend suggested going to the hospital out here by my school, but i've gone there for problems before and they are absolutely terrible. I feel like I knew more about my body/doctor stuff than they did. I don't trust them.

I just don't know what to do. Does anyone else have headaches like this? If so, how do you cope? Because i'm out of ideas :/