Hi everyone, My name is Barb and live in the Fort Collins area of Colorado. I was diagnosed with SLE in 1973 at 17 yrs and am now 59. Had a tough go back in the early years with high dosages of prednisone on and off. But have been under control for several years on 2.5 mg of prednisone and 400 mg of plaquenil every day. After a bout with shingles a year ago have not felt great and resent blood work may show signs of activity again. Am waiting to get an appointment with local rheumatologists to see what he says. Am hoping if it is a flare increasing the prednisone might help get control again. Am afraid of the newer meds after reading about them. Anyway Just wanted to say Hi To All of you and I hope this post isn't repetitive since I tried to post a hello a little while ago but could not find my post. Sorry if it is. Am hoping to meet a bunch of you on here.