Does anyone know...If I normally run a very low body temperature(+/- 97.1) would I calculate my temperature with that as a base? I tend to add a degree and a half to my temp. to make it "normal". Then I go from there. This week I had the worst flare I've had in a while and felt feverish even though my temperature hovered between 98.8 and 99.3(which would make it 100.8 to a normal person). My feet were on fire last night so bad I went to bed with wet washcloths on them(that feels so good!)I have read that some Drs. don't consider anything under 99.5 a fever...this seems illogical to me. For example...If water boils at 212 at sea level but at 214 in the mountains(or whatever it does)...does that mean it's not really boiling in the mountains? Say Susie...can you dig anything up about this? always have such great info! Thanks for being a great moderator.