Hello All,

I do not have a formal diagnosis of Lupus but I am very familiar with the desease. I have been diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy (auto-immune) and blood clotting disorder (anti-philo something or other) so I know I am susceptable to other auto-immune diseases. When I first presented with symptoms and a positive ANA by PC doc thought I might have Lupus (runs in my family as well as MS and other auto-immune disorders). I think the rheumotolgist just dismissed my other sympotms because I did not have the buttlerfly rash and my ANA at that time was normal.

Right now these are my symptoms;
Achy, sore hip joints
Achy neck and back muscles
Tingly arms that feel heavy and sore (really bad in the last two months)
headches (will not go away with 2 tylenol)
Chest pains off and on (feel like a person with a really boney finger is poking me)
Dry, scaly, flaky scalp (not sure if this is a symptom of lupus or not)
Extremem Fatigue no matter how much rest I get (off and on for the last year)

So my question is should I ask my doctor for a full blood work-up? I really believe there is something more than the IgA going on with my body.
Any advice is appreciated