A big hello and hi to everyone from Melbourne, Australia!

I only got my diagnosis yesterday of lupus after years of pain and illness. Its great to have finally found a doctor who would listen to my concerns and properly examine me and do some proper testing... and even then, she was surprised at my primary and secondary blood test results.

I suffer with terrible joints, fatigue and muscle weakness, some days I can't get out of bed without feeling like passing out. I'm only 29 so generally healthy otherwise, so I knew that it was not something that should be happening to me as yet. I also get terrible dry skin rashes all over my hands, arms and eyelids which make it quite embarrassing being around people. I work in retail part-time and presentation is very important, so I usually try to hide it with makeup (eye-area), but that usually makes it worse unfortunately. Luckily, I haven't experienced any kidney or internal organ issues as yet (that I am aware of), but I know this is something I should be aware of.

I joined this forum to ask questions and learn in my journey to find a way of dealing with the disease! xx