On a telephone conversation with my rheumy, I understood that she was calling in Prednisone for me (I have taken it in the past for rash flares and was given it as follows: 40mg for 4 days, 30 mg for 4 days, 20 mgs for 4 days and 10mgs for 4 days - so after 16 days, I am off the meds). Usually by then, it has cleared up and I'm feeling much better. When I got to the pharmacy, I see that she called in a methylprednisolone 4mg dose pack. I recognize the medication because one of the urgent care doctors gave me one earlier in the year for either a sinus infection or bronchitis - not sure which now, repeated respiratory illnesses have been a year long issue for me this year. I have never used this steroid to help with Lupus symptoms. The Prednisone makes me energized, hyper, irritable, HUNGRY, and I can accomplish more in those 16 days than I do in 365 other days. The other dose pack, I remember being very irritable and agitated, super shaky and again hyper. Honestly, both of them tend to make me act like a lunatic emotionally - read "witchy".

I am hoping that someone can maybe explain the difference between the two. Is one better than the other for the body? Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

BTW - also started the Plaquenil yesterday (400 mg) -- how long does that take to really kick in? From what I've read on the site, weeks or months?