Even grandmas like me do, stupid things sometimes.
I was making fried potatoes, but was to lazy to peel and cut an onion, so I decided to use onion powder. The onoin powder was one big lump inside the container, so I took off the lid, used a knife ( a sharp, pointed one), to cut the lump, I was ramming the knife in and out, the knife slipped and I stabbed my pointer finger on my left hand. Not only did hurt like heck, it was bleeding profusely. The blood was not squirting out, but it was running out in very fast pace.
I told my husband that I was bleeding and he said," i am going to get a bandaid". I said' honey this needs more than a bandaid".
So he came in the kitchen and got kind of pale. when he saw all the blood. All I could do was putting pressure on it, but every time I would let go to look, it would bleed more. It took 45 minutes of pressure to make it stop. My husband put a piece of gauze on it and wrapped it with white tape.
By that time, I had to sit down, because I was shaking.
As we were sitting there, I remembered that I had used that knife before,to cut the meat with. My hubby was thinking infection right away.
So I took off the bandage and washed the cut with antibacterial soap, ouchhhhhh that hurt and of course it started bleeding again. After I stopped the second round of bleeding, he put onother bandage on.
First thing tomorrow morning, I will check for infection, if it is red and inflamed looking, I will go see a doctor.
I can't believe, that I did something so stupid.