I just thought I'd let everyone know what I'm about right now.
First I'm sitting by the front window enjoying the ocean breeze. The salt air smells great. My Mother is calmer now and Daddy suggested that I go home from Thanksgiving. I can't tell you all the joy that is in my heart. I loved my parents and being here is very good for my health, especially my weight - I have lost 34 pounds since January. I'm weighing in at 201; 2 more pounds and I've broken the 200 pound barrier.

Woooooo whhhhoooo!!!!!!!!

My stress levels are going down, the new docs of course are re-evaluating me. My old meds seem to have stopped working. My neuro symptoms are more pronounced. My rheumy is testing for shrogens and raynaurds, she thinks I might not have SLE, but is doing in depth testing that my old rheumy didn't do.

I'm calmer now, but it still have stressful days. I'm learning how to handle my Mom better. My time at the pool is a big help.

I'll let you know the test results when I get them next month. I go for my final test on Tuesday; it's a Dat-scan. Should be interesting, never had one of them before.

Hugs and Good Thoughts