My right hip feels like it fell out of socket and went back in while I was sleeping just a few hours ago. I have a heating pad on it now, which helps if I stay completely still. If I move the pain is so bad I'm in tears. This happens several times a year, usually it's been painful, and I just take it easy, but I'm limping when I do walk for 2 days, and still feel the pain for 4 days, but it lessons over time, so by the 4th day, it's just a reminder pain feeling.
My problem is I don't have 4 days to recuperate. I have scheduled my biggest shoot (photography) that I've had since my flair started back in March. (I've been a photographer for 15 years, but had to give it up a year and a half ago b/c I wasn't able to keep up with the volume and the abuse on my joints.) I have 5 clients. - all year... It's enough to keep me feeling like I'm not useless, but not enough to bring in any kind of income to support even my half of our mortgage. However, it does do so many good things for my mental health, so I appreciate it.

Anyhow... Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I have always hand sewed my neices Halloween costumes. I couldn't do it for them this year, nor make a costume myself. My friends and aquaintences are calling to find out what I'm doing this year and I tell them, nothing... Halloween is my Christmas... Imagine if you had to watch Christmas happen, but you couldn't participate - you get no gifts, and you give no gifts, but everyone else gets to... That's what it feels like this year for me.

So, I planned a shoot for my 5 clients, so I could celebrate Halloween, and bring in a couple extra dollars... I scheduled out the set building so I could make sure to have it ready without over doing it. Months... I've been slowly working on it. Today is supposed to be my day for last minute things... I was going to go cut wild sunflowers for the fall themed set, pick up industrial velcro, set up the sets in my house so I don't forget anything when I go on location tomorrow. But now I'm stuck in bed unable to move...

I had my rhuemy appt just 3 days ago, where he upped my steriod. Even got a shot right in his office. I did a seqrch on the boards to see what helps people with this kind of pain, and the answer I've read is a steriod shot. I'm not sure my rhumy will be up for that. He didn't want to up my steriods to give me relief last month. (I'm on 12mg daily, have been since July. As of last Wednesday he changed me to 1cc Medrol injection every two weeks & continue with 12mg pills.) Is my only other option pain pills? I already take Mobic daily, and can not take any more nsaids.

I can't work with this pain, and I can't be loopy to work - out of focus photos are not fun... Plus my clients are infants and toddlers... I also feel I can't cancel on 5 clients. Just as I have been preparing, they have as well, 5 babies all dressd up in costume will do my spirit well... I'm going to call the rhuemy when the office opens, but he doesn't see patients on Fridays, so is my only option to go to the walk-in clinic? Do I have optioins thqt will bring me relief and allow me to work?
Another Irony is I have my prescription for a wheel chair. I haven't called the insurance yet to get it filled, as I don't know whqt my needs are, and don't want to choose the wrong thing, and spend money unnecessarily. I have a sports car that I'm stuck with, as I can't replace being out of work. I can't strap a wheel chair lift to the back of it, and it would be difficult to lift one in and out over the high back of the hatchback. It would twke all my energy to do that, then where would the energy to push myself come from? So the day I could really use the chair to help get my errands done... I've procrastinated... I've used store chairs when necessary, and avoided making decisions that make me feel more disabled.
Now, I'm here... Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Does anyone have some good advice, or answs to my questions above?