I was diagnosed in February 2013, I had been feeling terrible with awful stomach pains, my family doctor was completely lost, he had me go through all kinds of tests, CT's, MRI's, and blood work on top of blood work. That's when I starting doing some research on my own, and I had almost all the symptoms for Lupus, so, I had him test my ANA, came back positive. So my family doctor said it was nothing to worry about, it was probably just wrong. Well since I am a nurse, I am aware that blood usually doesn't lie. So I went to a rheumotologist, he was able to concur that yes in fact I have lupus. I was started immediately on Plaquenil, was told to start eating a plant based diet, and get used to the idea. Well, I have never been able to get used to much when I know there is something wrong. But I don't know what I should be doing, what works, what doesn't? Help Please!