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Thread: trying to get coworkers to understand

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    Default trying to get coworkers to understand

    I might as well try to teach chickens how to knit. I'd probably have better luck. Anyhow, I've written a post or several regarding the ongoing battle with my coworkers and lupus, especially when concerning my service dog (more about him in a moment). The last 2 weeks have been particular unkind in my lupus world. I am using crutches to get around. I'm also taking as many precautions as possible to cause the least amount of pain and do whatever I can to make my work day and environment as comfortable as possible. That includes coworkers having to come to my desk to pick up their paperwork that I've printed out for them (I am the keeper of the printer). Well holy moly! You'd think I'd asked them to walk barefoot across hot coals! Lazy? Spoiled? YES. A battle of wills which they will NOT win. I am ashamed of them! To work for a CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING and be treated shabbily by my own coworkers? Pathetic. But I perservere as I need the paycheck and the job market leaves a bit to be desired at the moment. I'm doing what I can to educate them but it falls on deaf ears. They are too wrapped up in themselves to care.

    Karma the service pup in training: now 4 1/2 months old and almost 40 pounds. Socialization is not an issue for him as he loves everyone and fears nothing. He walks beside me beautifully, sits and even waves. Stay? yeah, working on that one. Too much puppy in him at the moment for that to be a raving success. My plan is to have him ready to join me at work the beginning of January. I pray I don't have a fight on my hands with the boss who has NOT been supportive. Remember, this is the same guy who told me I DON'T need a service dog, I need a walker. I contemplated naming Karma "Walker"... being a Labrador Retriever, retrieving comes naturally to him. Unfortunately he is teething which means whatever he retrieves is a chew toy right? to be continued... Karma is truly a joy and I'm absolutely crazy about him! It is interesting to see how he behaves around my husband and myself. With hubby, he knows he can rough house and play but with me, he has to be gentle. He'll cuddle with me, but not my husband. And yes, he can be a lap puppy. Climbs into my lap, puts his head on my chest and stare at me. Then he gives me a kiss. Yeah, I'm in love! Hubby not thrilled with the lap puppy aspect, especially when he hits 80 pounds, but I JUST CANT RESIST! Hubby jokes that the headline will read "woman smothered by her own service dog". What a way to go!
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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    Keep your head up, girfriend! You are doing the best you can to keep yourself healthy. Stay encouraged. You are doing the right thing.

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    You know I have been incredibly lucky with my employers who have bent over backwards for me, even moving me to an office and removing the flouro lights, allowing me time off for appointments and I feel very blessed and lucky to work for them - they took me on knowing how sick I am. Which is why I get so angry at employers like yours treating you in this way. We fight our bodies, our bodies fight us, we fight for a diagnosis, we often fight with our families, we fight public perception of our illness and some of us fight our employers and it is not fair.

    The issue is with your boss and colleagues and not you - you are sick and you cannot help it and the only people that needs to change their attitude are your boss/colleagues because you are worth far more than you are being treated.

    You treasure your time with your service dog - I look on my animals as my therapy, I have a cat and two dogs and although the only thing my 11 month old pup retrieves are bits of plants and stuff he shouldnt (my underwear), the emotion that dog stirs in me when he washes me or hugs me is priceless. I look at my two dogs and feel so lucky - they are not the best trained, well actually the puppy is quite naughty but I love them so much and they make everything OK.

    So yes, I believe that karma will come round and your boss will get his. You just enjoy your dog and have faith in his potential to help you and when you get those positive moments, use them to think about what you do in life that you love and that makes you happy and who knows, one day there may be a way to make money from it so you don't need to do a job that makes you feel bad.

    Because being in a job that adds stress to an already dreadful illness is one lot of baggage you do not need.

    Give your pup a hug from me - he sounds fabulous.

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