Short synopsis of myself: 36 yr old female (widow with 3 kids) presented with the facial rash (large, red, raised, itchy, burns in sunlight) and for 5 years, no one could tell me what it was. Did not look like mylar or butterfly rashes. About 4 years ago in 2009, after 2 biopsies at 2 different times - the results came back 2x as tumid lupus. That being said, ANA has always been negative and no other symptoms appeared. Treated with Prednisone (as needed) and Plaquenil for about 2 years - then I lost my job and my insurance. I also had no more rashes until this year. However, now I have the rash again and a number of other symptoms. I have an appointment with my dermatologist next week and I have been doing some more research into lupus symptoms. Now I am terrified. Granted I did all of this same research 4 yrs ago when I got the original dx, but obviously I had no other symptoms and it did not show in my blood work so I kinda blew it off. Low chances of it developing further was what I understood from my research. Conclusion: sunscreen and hats - OK, I figured that I could do that.

Now though in the past 12 months, I have had all of the neurological symptoms, but it never occurred to me to think lupus. I started having panic attacks at work, depression, RAGE issues, mental confusion/fog, cognitive dysfunction, etc. Also having the joint pain, extreme fatigue, swelling in legs/ankles, massive headaches, night sweats, stiffness/pain in neck (continuous for 8 mos), etc., etc., etc.! I know that there are others, but I forget. You guys already know. I will have blood work done Wednesday and then I guess I will know for sure, but my question is has anyone seen this type of situation develop into a full blown diagnosis before? From rash with no other symptoms, but definitely lupus to real deal lupus? That's what I always told people about the rash that it was lupus, but not "real lupus".

Anyway, thank you in advance for allowing me to introduce myself and pick your brains.