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    A person has to understand the whole context it was given in. The title of the interview was called
    “Judge Judy Sheindlin on taking personal responsibility.”
    It was about a list of people, disable for various reasons, mediocre people serving….which Lupus was included in that list. Regardless if her daughter has Lupus, she still is a victim of Judge Judy’s words…Those people are not taking responsibility for their lives and our government system is supporting that. You know the mediocre people that serve us, doles out money to people with Lupus because we are not taking responsibility for our incurable diseases.

    Not taking responsibility example she provides in reference to having too many children unable to care for them, then lumps in people with addictions, disabilties:

    But actually, if you are responsibly parenting you have only the number of children that you can afford to take care of. And when the government in effect says to you, you know what? You have them, we'll take care of them. And when the government says, in my view --and I know that this is going to sounds harsh and I'm going to get lots of mail, don't send me negative mail. I don't read it. I'm too old, but when I have cases, and I have had them for 30 years, of people who were receiving disability because they are either drug addicts, alcoholics, some have bad backs, some suffer from -- you know, I have carpal tunnel in my hands,I have lupus.* I think what we have done to a whole group of people is say, not to worry. If you can't take care of yourself, we'll take care of you."

    *I took the daughter in law bit out because really it is irrelevant as we all know our flares come and go but nevertheless still debilitating to let the conversation flow as read..
    "I have a daughter-in-law who has lupus. Sometimes she's tired, but most of the time she gets up and does what she has to do. Sometimes it's debilitating, sometimes not."

    But in another way it is relevant because her as a Judge already has a preconceive notion on how she feels about Lupus...bias...and she would be making a decision based on that bias.

    Then she provides another example of those who are not taking responsibility of their own lives..

    “When I have a man, a perfectly capable able-bodied guy who has been going to college for seven years and getting $20,000 a year from the government, and the only thing he can do after seven years is play the guitar, I think somebody's got their hands on my pocket.”

    She even said..... ''and I know that this is going to sounds harsh and I'm going to get lots of mail, don't send me negative mail. I don't read it. I'm too old.''
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    I have Lupus. So *^#@! what.

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