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Thread: sooooo depressed and low right now....

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    Are you feeling a little brighter Heather? X

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    I also can relate. I take meds for clinical depression. I usually am ok as long as I am on them. I was on them years before I knew I had lupus and sjogren's. I also have low thyroid and take meds for that. Then March 2012 my mom died. Before that I had to retire my teaching job of 15 years early due to all the pain, memory loss, and no energy. This past year seeing my dad get weaker as he is 81. We had a precious dog and kitty we loved pass away. The other day our doggie baby lil' Anne had a seizure, but I thought she was dying on us, and I got on the floor laying down just holding her, and telling her how much I love her. She has been ok since then, but I lost it and sobbed the rest of that night. I just thought I would add this to let you all know that it does get rough, and with what it feels like we have already lost in having these disorders. We are here for each other.

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