well I had really severe urinary track infection which was resistant to oral antibiotics became very ill so they hospitalized me and gave antibiotics intravenously. they say it is because of my lupus and mexotrexate compromising my immune system. they have released me and are giving me more oral antibiotics but they say it may not work and I probably will have another hospital admission. meanwhile yesterday mikaela my youngest who is 18 had tonsils out. she suffers from autism and severe anxiety so she had complete meltdown due to fear, she is in lot of pain. Stephen my husband will probably be having heart surgery in near future as his health has deteriated. on a good point looks like government housing finally may have found us a disability apartment and we could be moving soon luckily it is only down the road from were we have been privately renting. that's my bit of news hope everyone is doing fine . welcome to all new members sorry I have not been around to greet you. hopefully when things settle down I will be on site more till then my friends take care and be well.