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Thread: Recluse Spider bite

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    Question Recluse Spider bite

    Okay so it's not really lupus related (although I thought the whole poopy healing thing kinda factors in making this a good place to ask) has anyone ever had a recluse spider bite? (Not looking for medical advice just personal experiences)

    Are they really as dangerous as the Internet hypes them up to be?
    Has anyone dealt with one while on immunosuppressants?

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    I have not, but my niece was when she about 4. With our families experience, I would recommend getting it checked out. The brown recluse injects poison in it's victem and it turns the tissue to mush, which inflames and pusses back out through the bite origin. Then the spider eats the tissue. The ER doc for my niece advised us b/c of her weight it was good we brought her in so quickly as the amount of venom versus her weight could have been deadly if there was any delay. The bite was on her shouldeer blade area.
    I don't have any experience with spider bites and immuno-suppression. I know there is a poison/weight ratio factor, but I'm not sure about potential for increased harm with length of time poison is inside a body. If there is the latter the immune suppression would play a bigger factor.
    I'm not going to google it, but I think the brown recluse is number 2 on deadly North American spiders. (I could be wrong, I haven't had to deal with it for 9 years.)
    Another concern is... Is the spider now dead? I believe they make fumigator bombs for the brown recluse, but no matter what make sure it doesn't come back to finish the meal.

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    Not a brown recluse but black widows! My mother has a scar from her brown recluse. If you get bit go to the doctor immediately, being on immunosuppressants spider bites are more dangerous for us. When I was bit on my foot my whole ankle, foot, and lower leg swelled up. The doctor gave me antibiotics and watched the bite. It took about month before the bite was healed and it hurt like none other.
    I live in north Texas in the country so every spider known in North America is here. I do feel sorry for my mail lady because the black widows and brown recluses love to make webs inside my mail box. You basically get used it and bug bombs are pretty useless in trying to battle them. The only thing we worry about is the snakes and scorpions, which I had an unusual influx this year.

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    My brother was bitten 2 yrs ago.
    He at first thought he had been stung by a bee on his belly under a shirt -he didn't actually see the spider .
    It wasn't until a few hours later when he went to the er due to the pain and swelling that they confirmed it was a spider bite.
    He was in the hospital for a couple of days. They had to surgically remove some skin around the bite site and sent him home with gauze saturated w/ anti-biotic cream to pack in the wound which was aprox 1/2" deep. He healed pretty quickly but still had a few painful weeks.

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