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Thread: newly diagnosed

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    Unhappy newly diagnosed

    Hello, recently diagnosed. I am happy to say that the condition is mild and none of my organs have been effected. The biggest complaint I have is joint pain and my hair falling out. I would prefer not to take the Plaquenil that was prescribed to me, if I can fine more healthy ways to deal with this then that would be my best option. A healthy diet and exercise is were I will start.

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    Hello and Welcome to our family. I am glad to hear that your Lupus is a mild form and I hope that it remains that way. However, Lupus IS NOT a disease that can be controlled by diet and exercise. Your body is attacking healthy cells and no diet or exercise program alone can reverse that. Only medication, lifestyle changes, and healthy habits TOGETHER can lessen symptoms, slow progression, or (hopefully) bring about remission.
    There is NO CURE for Lupus and if we fail to take our medications, the chances are very great that the disease will run rampant - destroying healthy tissues, organs, skin, etc. - and can cause death! So, please do not believe anyone who tells you that diet and exercise will slow, halt, or cure this disease. It will not. It is VERY important that we take our medications as prescribed. If a medication does not work for you, then you and your doctors can decide together to try a different dosage or a different medication. But, it is imperative that you take your medication.
    I wish you the very best

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    hi and welcome,
    i have had lupus for over 30 years, but only diagnosed for about 4.

    i have to also comment....
    i am on a diet, and do regular exercise.
    these cannot cure lupus.
    but they do make my life easier and more bearable.

    i have spent many, many hours researching many of the claims made by individuals and companies.
    please be careful, when we are desperate, we are susceptible to smooth talking salespeople.

    one of the most common myths is that boosting our immune system, (with a herb or potion), will help us.
    your immune system is already in overdrive. boosting it will only make our health worse.

    please talk to a medical specialist before trying any radical alternative.
    even a radical diet change should be discussed.

    we are in a unique position where our system is broken....
    and not all medical people know how to react to our problem.
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    Hi, just keep in mind too, that having a more "mild" case is a blessing and if you start meds now then perhaps you can keep it that way possibly find remission, just maybe you can hold off organ damage (which can be debilitating).Think of it as giving yourself extra time before you start having to drastically change or reduce your lifestyle.
    Not trying to be negative,its that the patients that get treatment earlier have better odds. I had an organic and healthy diet and was fit,I worked as a spin instructor at the gym and Lupus still attacked me good luck with this decision I know it's a hard one.

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