Last night, a vein in my finger burst ( happens alot, on almost all my fingers at one time or another), it was the middle didget from my right middle finger, it hurt alot, like always and turned into a bruise, on the inside of the finger. It usually hurts like heck for about 30 minutes and then the pain subsides and a little bruise stay's for a couple of hours and then it goes away.
When I got up this morning the whole finger hurt, it was so swollen, I couldn't bend it. After I turned on the light, the whole finger was swollen and the whole finger was blue. Mind you, I did not do anything that would suggest an injury.
After driving to work, I have noticed, that the first didget of that finger was numb, when I went into work, I looked and the first didget was white inside and out, plus the nail was half way blue. It looked so bad it scared me and I almost wanted to go to the ER. All this lasted for several hours. No injury, didn't bend it, bump it or anything like that.
Now the finger is still a little swollen, but the bruise is totally gone and so is the white color of the first didget.
I was thinking of raynauds, but only in one finger?
Ok friends, did anyone ever have anything close to this?