Hello, I am Jay, a 28 yr old male who has been recently diagnosed with SLE Nephriits. It has been a whirlwind past 7 months as I have seen 4 different doctors trying to figure out what has been keeping me down. Finally in Sept, I saw a Rheumatologist who took one look at me and easily diagnosed me. After the kidney biopsy, they realized the Lupus has already started affecting my kidneys and have put me on the prednisone/ cytoxan treatment for up to 6 months. Im starting the 4th week of the chemo and so far so good. With it coupled with the prednisone, these last 2 weeks have truly been my best to date since I started having problems. Also with being recently married, my wife and I are trying to conceive but to no avail yet. I know there is a slight risk of damage to my testes due to the cytoxan but from what ive gatherered so far is that the chemo is such a low dose that it could/ could not affect fertility. By being on doses of 40 mg/ day prednisone for over 2 months cause fertility problems? THis is our main concern right now, beside getting me back healthy. Also, even though Im fresh on the chemo, how long will it take to see signs and symptons of being on the chemo? (Hair loss, fatigue etc.) Ive decided to hit this nasty disease head on and not look back. Im open to trying/ suggesting anything to my doctors to get me fixed. Thanks again for the support of this website!