Hi fellow lupies. Massive Depression setting in. I'm 37 years old and all I play in head over and over is the life I had. The 2 mile a day run and only needing 6-7 hours sleep to keep spotless house, wonderful cook, awesome energetic mom, laundry done and hubby always satisfied. So I started feeling a little crappy over several years that required more sleep and less energy with lots of aches and pains. I developed onto someone not even the doctors believed had problems! Why? Why don't they believe me? I'm sick? Tired! Weak! Severe pain! I can't get out of bed! Its hard to believe you when your skinny, blonde hair and big boobs! Look like the perfect healthy active person that everyone envied! I'd give my hair body and boobs to any healthy person not fighting Lupus!! So now just venting a little while going through massive Lupus Flare!! Thanks for reading and letting me vent!

All alone here with Lupus

I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, peroneal neuropathies, so much to list but heck we all have same problems!
my rheumatologist says I'm now a VAMPIRE! IS THAT WHAT WE HAVE TO BE WITH LUPUS?