I just had some labs done for a follow up with dr next week. I will be speaking to her about this but thought maybe someone here could shed some light.

C3 my level 85 standard range 81-225
C4 8.8 10-40

C3 97
C4 9

C3 73
C4 7

My latest lab shows the lowest thus far. I started cellcept in Dec. switched to myfortic. From what I understood please correct me if I'm wrong low c3 and c4 are typically low with active lupus? I thought the purpose of taking cellcept or something alike was to get it under control ie non active/ remission? Now I understand it takes some time to see results but as I mentioned they are the lowest thus far. I know they take in to account other factors but is this test telling me my lupus is active? I mentioned in an earlier post about ra and lupus. My joints have been hurting ( hands knees groin big toe joints ) . Since the weather has changed my body feels as though it has rusted up. I feel so stiff. I don't know I thought I'd be feeling better this winter? Summer was okay for me I was feeling pretty good. Does the c3/c4 reflect how you feel?