Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a while. I have lupus and fibro. I was essentially pain free for almost 3 years. I had my son last September and things went downhill the following January (2013). So, it's been increasingly more and more painful since January of this year. In addition to joint pain, I have this horrible pain in my back. It seems to be down the middle. I also have chest pain. Lord, it felt so good to be asymptomatic. I thought it was due to my gluten free diet. I didn't (and still don't) eat sugar, flour, or yeast. No dairy. But, it's not working. I'm in pain throughout the day (about a 4) then worsening as the night progresses. About an 8 at night when I wake up to feed my son (around 1 or 2). It just gets worse until I get out of bed. My son has not slept through the night since birth. I'm convinced he's not now due to 4 teeth coming in all at the same time. I say that to say I don't think sleep deprivation has helped! Anyway, I started on tramadol. That helps I guess. I'm taking 400 mg a day though. That's a lot. I just started with Neurontin. I was on Neurontin back in 2009 when I was having a lot of pain. And Flexerill. I didn't like either one then. They made me loopy. Neurontin still does. I'm only taking 100 mg 3 x a day. I could be loopy back in 2009. I can't now. I have a 1 year old to look after. So. . . my question is, what is everyone taking to help with pain? What works????? I need relief. I'm thinking about all types of meds . . .tylenol 4, norco, darvocet. . . any suggestions. I want to get to the bottom of what's specifically causing the pain. I'm going to pulmonary Monday to rule out any lung involvement. I went cardiology. Nothing there. I do have fluid around my lungs. I'm at a lost. . . again. My diet isn't working like I thought it was. Help!