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    Hello: my daughter has lupus and I am trying to get some information. Has anyone had the Avise test. My daughter's rheumatologist has decided not to treat her anymore because this test didn't find lupus even though she has plenty of bloodwork and symptoms that point to lupus.

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    The Avise SLE was specially developed to help doctors to overcome some of the common diagnosis hurdles of Lupus. Avise SLE is a specialized diagnostic panel that is made up of 5 individual tests to help rule-in lupus and rule-out other rheumatic diseases. By using multiple tests and cell-bound complements, Avise SLE helps doctors to establish a more accurate diagnosis because of the high levels of sensitivity and specificity that Avise SLE provides.
    The technology that makes the AVISE SLE test so accurate involves a group of proteins in the body, called complement, that protect the body against infections and work by strengthening the body’s immune reactions. Complement proteins are used up by the inflammation caused by lupus, which is why people with inflammation due to active lupus often have low complement levels. There are nine protein groups of complement, so they are identified by the letter C and the numbers 1 through 9. When seeking to diagnose lupus, the most common complement tests are C3, C4, and CH50. Low levels of C3 or C4 may indicate active lupus, while CH50 measures the overall function of complement in the blood.

    Avise SLE test consistsg of serological and flow cytometric tests. The The test is performed using a standard blood specimen and uses the following markers to diagnose Lupus:
    1. ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies) — a negative result helps
      rule-out SLE
    2. dsDNA (anti-couble stranded DNA antibodies) — a positive result helps rules-in SLE
    3. AVISE MCV (anti-mutated citrullinated vimentin antibodies) — to help rule-out Rheumatoid Arthritis
    4. EC4d & BC4d -Using cell-bound complement fragments to help rule-in SLE because of their increased performance over soluble complements which helps to accurately and consistently diagnose SLE .
    A single test that can help diagnose a complex disease like lupus by ruling out other potential diseases has been needed for many years. Doctors believe that such a test could help them to reach a definitive diagnosis in a shorter period of time. The AVISE SLE test was developed at the Lupus Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh, PA, by a research group led by Susan Manzi, M.D., M.P.H., and Joseph Ahearn, M.D., and is believed to do just that.
    Since this test uses the five markers that are generally specific to Lupus, many doctors are now eliminating Lupus as a diagnosis if this test comes back negative. I think that, while the one test can surely make a diagnosis easier, it is unwise to rule out Lupus entirely based upon the results of this test. If your daughter's doctor now declines to treat her for Lupus, you might consider asking him to run tests for other AI or connective tissue or rheumatic diseases because you are not going to allow them to toss her out with the diagnosis. She has real symptoms that must be treated and that are being caused by something. If not Lupus, then they need to continue to test her to find out what is causing the symptoms.
    I wish you and your daughter the very best. Please keep us posted on what you decide and what the doctors are going to do for her.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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