Just curious if anyone here has ra and lupus? I'm probably barking up the wrong tree but still curious. I've been on plaquinel/asprin for 2 years almost a year ago started cellcept switched to myfortic a few months ago. Although I've seen a decrease in some of my symptoms and feel overall pretty well. One thing I can't seem to overcome is joint paint/stiffness/swelling. I feel at the rate I'm going I'm not going to be able to use my hands in 5 years. The joints most effected are my hands, feet, neck,and hips (pain felt on both sides of groin) and now as of the last few days the insides of both my knees. The weather has changed so I'm sure it's the culprit. My joints felt okay in the summer except my hands with over use swell at the knuckles and become painful. Now I feel stiff like my body has rusted up. I do have raynauds so cold makes me feel yuck anyway. I just feel at this point with the amount of meds I've taken thus far the joint pain should really have decreased by now. I'm getting ready for a lab check next week and a follow up on Oct 7th. We always talk of the joint pain she always looks and feels and pokes. Do any of you take meds for joint pain aside from Ibphrophen as I'm to stay away from due to kidney issues. Makes me wonder if it's more then lupus.