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Thread: Too young to be sick and now a Lupus Vampire

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    Default Too young to be sick and now a Lupus Vampire

    Hi fellow lupies. Massive Depression setting in. I'm 37 years old and all I play in head over and over is the life I had. The 2 mile a day run and only needing 6-7 hours sleep to keep spotless house, wonderful cook, awesome energetic mom, laundry done and hubby always satisfied. So I started feeling a little crappy over several years that required more sleep and less energy with lots of aches and pains. I developed onto someone not even the doctors believed had problems! Why? Why don't they believe me? I'm sick? Tired! Weak! Severe pain! I can't get out of bed! Its hard to believe you when your skinny, blonde hair and big boobs! Look like the perfect healthy active person that everyone envied! I'd give my hair body and boobs to any healthy person not fighting Lupus!! So now just venting a little while going through massive Lupus Flare!! Thanks for reading and letting me vent!

    All alone here with Lupus

    I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, peroneal neuropathies, so much to list but heck we all have same problems!
    my rheumatologist says I'm now a VAMPIRE! IS THAT WHAT WE HAVE TO BE WITH LUPUS?

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    No, it isn't easy. Then again, life isn't easy. We must for the sake of our sanity, stop looking for the person we used to be and discover and learn to love who we are now. Those things that we used to do? Well now we have time for the things we can do now that we couldn't then because we didn't have time then. Make sense? That 2 mile run? Great! now you can catch up on all those good books you've been meaning to read! Its all about adapting and overcoming. Tradeoffs. You can't do A but you can do B. Lupus forces us to slow down and savor each moment. Each moment we don't hurt is a cause for celebration! The simple pleasures in life are wonderful. Lupus is the end of our lives, its the beginning of a new one. You can still look FABULOUS! despite having lupus. I may not be as skinny as I once was but is that because of the lupus or the fact that I'm *gasp* 50? (a bit of both I suspect) and you know what? I have a better body image now then when I was a skinny chick running around tossing 80lb bales of hay all day and partying all night. I afford myself the luxury of naps, better nutrition, relaxation, proper care and feeding of the body fantastic and it shows.

    So hey, don't mourn what was, the past is over and it isn't coming back. Embrace and love what is and look forward to what will be. Its all up to you! You can do it and we are here for you!!!
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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