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Thread: Karma the Service pup update

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    Default Karma the Service pup update

    Karma: the good, the bad, the big black lab!

    Karma is now 13 1/2 weeks old. 30lbs! Gains 2 1/2- 3lbs a week. Went for his first vet check and shots update. His health is excellent and his growth is right on schedule. I can't get over how fast he is growing! It has been a long time since I raised a pup.

    Training: going very well. I walk him with a harness now to get him used to that, sometimes having to modify the leash so that it acts like a choke collar as he is way too fond of going after rabbits and being a youngster, so very easily distracted. I haven't done too much by way of public socializing as he doesn't get his last shot until the middle of October so I'm very cautious but he has a very outgoing and sweet personality so I'm certain I'll have no problems with him around people other than him thinking everyone he meets must be his new best friend! Basic commands are learned easily with the exception of "come" when he is outside. What? He must come in?? Isn't it obvious he'd rather stay outside and play??? A work in progress, his will against mine, Mom wins.

    Lap puppy. He's adorable, he's lovable, he thinks he is a lap puppy. The other night, hubby started the vacuum. That was NOT a new experience for hubby or Karma. However, Karma decided he needed to be in my lap for the duration. As in suddenly there is a big black lab pup in my lap, head on my chest, staring me in the eyes giving me kisses. 30 lbs I can handle, he gets full grown, I'm going to have a problem. I know I need to put a stop to it... he's just so blasted lovable!!! I have been working with him that we can "hug" as in he gets on his hind legs while I'm sitting and we can hug and snuggle that way. Soon he won't have to do that, we'll be able to hug from him in a sitting position.

    Work: I've not brought him in yet. Not until I'm certain he is housebroken (that is going very well) and he has basic manners down. That and his attention span is longer so I don't have to constantly interrupt my work to amuse him.

    Hunting: as he is a labrador retriever, he's gotta do what a lab's gotta do so since I don't need him on duty 24/7, especially when hubby is home, Karma gets to hunt with hubby. At 9 weeks he went on his first bird hunt. He didn't go out to retrieve but he was introduced to the sights, sounds and smells and did very well. Gunfire didn't scare him in the least. He even got to handle a bird and didn't try to turn it into a chew toy. Hubby wants to train him for shed hunting. Fine by me! Maybe I'll tag along as long as I'm up to it.

    So that's what is going on with my service dog in training or as I call him, my partner. I'm looking forward to the day he becomes an actual "SERVICE DOG" and many wonderful years together
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