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Thread: Lupus and Anxiety/Depression Meds...(and joint pain)

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    Default Lupus and Anxiety/Depression Meds...(and joint pain)

    I have always had a problem with anxiety, but the last few months it has gotten a LOT worse. I know if I asked for it, my rheumy would give it to me, but i hesitate because...I dont know. I dont want to seem like a crazy pill popper, I guess. I have read some research on how the vast majority of people with lupus have anxiety and depression...What medications are you guys on? What would you recommend? Or stay away from? Also, the pain in my joints has gotten a LOT worse as well...My dr put me on Naproxen but it doesnt seem to help...I woke up at 3am this morning crying because the pain was so bad...what medications are good for joint pain? Any and all information would be very much appreciated. Thankyou so much!

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    Hi tiffany, I'm on blood thinners and because NSAID's interfere with the coumadine i can only take Percocet for pain, as Tylenol wont touch it. I also have avascular necrosis on both knees so I guess that helps to get the stronger meds to. However I don't like to take them as prescribed because my pain management doctor wants me to take them every 4-6 hours and I'm afraid of getting addicted, which by this point I probably am. anyway I'm rambling, I like to try other ways to try to soothe my pain, taking warm to hot baths in epsom salts and even adding eucalyptus oil to the water sometimes helps. I also have something called voltaren gel, that's prescribed but I really like it for muscle pain. Try using tiger balm also. Heating pads also work sometimes. As far as anxiety try natural teas, always consult your doctors though. Relaxation helps. Soothing warm baths with soft music in the background helps. A little walk in your local park also helps. Hopefully you'll find something to help you through this rough patch.
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    please remember, many of us need depression medication, not because we are depressed, but because our brain needs this medication to work properly.

    not having our brain work properly can then cause depression.

    others (like me), also are depressed.

    i take several medications, that combined work well for me.
    if one medication, or combination of medications does not work properly, or has side effects you do not like ......
    do not give up, but talk to your doctor about changing your medication.
    many of the medications work slightly differently, so they react differently in our bodies.

    that all being said, i too have anxiety .... i take "Kalma" for it.
    for depression i use a mixture of "Endep" and :Lexipro"

    remember everyone reacts differently to these meds.
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    That is really impossible to say. Ones that work great for some people don't work at all for others and vice versa. These meds are completely dependent on the individual, their system and the meds they are taking. You may actually have to try 3-4 before they hit the right one for you. It isn't abnormal though

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