Hi. I'm new here, and found comfort that people who live in pain can manage their lives well with the right attitude. I'm still coming to terms with the result of the last blood test, a positive rheumatoid factor - which led to the diagnosis of RA. I'm used to having joint pains and back pains here and there since I was a teenager. I often would attribute it to PMS, or overuse since I love to go hiking on weekends, occassionally , non-stop trekking for a week. It helps me to fight stress. My mother died of lupus complications moer than a decade ago, so I'm familiar with its symptoms. I don't have photosensitivity. Just last week , I thought I had the flu. My body pains are unusual and this is the first time I experienced stiffness in the joints especially the fingers. The pain was so severe I had to see a doctor who ran blood tests , who referred me to a rheumatologist, who diagnossed me of having RA. The doc prescribed methotrexate (once a week, 3 tabs) and folic and calcium vitamin supplements. As I write I'm uner a pain medication that somehow reduced the pain. Still, I'm not able to go to work. I'm a single mom and I'm quite scared. I don't want to go thru what my mother went thru. My doc assured me lupus tested negative, yet we are both aware it can take years to diagnose. They say there are no known cause. Stress can trigger the symptoms, which is the main reason why I even pursue my passion of trekking to the wilderness or taking nature trips, it's my one stressbuster that can really energize me and wash away worries. Now I'm cooped up at home managing my pain, hoping to get well soon, well enough to work. Could RA lead to lupus?

Thank you for taking the time to read a long post.