Hi I was told by my doctor about 4 months ago that I had lupus. I was having a lot of problems with pain, stiffness, tired and everything else I can't remember. I also have fibromyalgia. I have the butterfly rash and also get some rash on my wriste and top of my hands that lasted for a year. It has cleared up right now but for how long I don't know. Any why enough about that. Does anyone have problems with enlarged lymph nodes? The doctor said it was caused by my rash. I also get very bad pain in my arm and sholder, I have a hard time lifting or reaching with my arm without pain it is hard to do my hair and get dressed or anything. This happens a lot it last sometimes weeks at a time then it seem to get a little better for a week or two then happens all over again. Some times it is both arms but more often on in my left arm. I have pain all over but my arm seems to be the worst. She said two test came back positive. And I have all to the other symptoms
So what can I expect now?