Hello all,

So, I haven't been officially diagnosed with Lupus. I hope it's okay that I post here, anyway. I'm at a loss for people to talk to or get advice from, so I'm hoping I can find a place here.

This last year or so has been tumultuous, and specifically this summer, my health has just dropped out from underneath me. I got initial labwork when it first started with normal values coming back, but things are much, much worse now and I'm freaked. I don't have insurance, though, so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to go about things.

I have several of the classic signs/symptoms of lupus, some I've had for many years: round skin rashes, ulcers in nose and mouth, joint swelling/aching/stiffness EVERYWHERE, muscle aching and weakness, fatigue, nerve pain/numbness/tingling, heart rate increase (60 resting to around 80-100 resting) and blood pressure increase, dizziness, feeling faint upon standing, memory problems and confusion, frothy/cloudy urine, headaches, severe mood swings, difficulty catching my breath, fevers every night, and specifically flares triggered by exposure to the sun. Everything kind of leveled off after my knee injury, as I had to stop gardening and going outside. As an experiment, I went outside to do a few things for about 10 minutes again yesterday, then same today. I am immediately back to feeling like I'm burning from the inside out, and my muscles are so weak, I shake. I have intermittent numbness in my arms and legs and stomach problems.

I guess I'm just scared, as these things seem like they could be serious. Do they sound serious to anyone else? Thanks for reading my crazy ramble.