Hello Everyone,

I'm currently playing the waiting game on getting into a rheumatologist and getting a diagnosis of lupus. Based on family history (my mom and her half-sister both have lupus) and symptoms I'm almost positive that I have it. Right now I guess I'm just looking for answers to all these symptoms wondering if anyone else is going through some of the same things. I'm only 23 years old so some of my symptoms are pretty scary and embarrassing for someone my age. My first symptom (thoracic back pain) started 4 years ago and after x rays and an mri they still can't find a cause for it. In the last 6 - 9 months that has gotten worse and new symptoms have appeared causing the nurse practitioner I'm seeing to consider Lupus. The problem is that I don't have some of the most common symptoms of lupus and some of my symptoms I have not been able to find on any of the lists of lupus symptoms (These seem to be related to the autonomic nervous system). So if anyone has had any of these symptoms and doesn't mind sharing I'd really appreciate it. It would help a lot knowing there's other people going through the same thing.

In the last 6 - 9 months:

1. Thoracic back pain is now Banding pain all the way around my chest
2. Joint pain most often hands, jaw, knees, shoulders, and ankles but sometimes other joints as well
3. Joints also pop often (don't know if that means anything or not)
4. Possible Neurogenic Bladder (nurse practitioner didn't feel qualified to make diagnosis)
5. Raynaud's (diagnosed in 2001) hadn't affected me for a few years until recently it's been flaring up again
6. Fatigue (things like just mopping wears me out)
7. Intermittent Nausea after being out in the heat (even just for 10 min.)
8. Rapid pulse for no reason (has happened only a few times doing something as simple as putting laundry in washer)
9. Feeling flushed in the face but rest of my body is cold
10. Teeth started chipping (doubt its related but thought I'd put it on here)
11. Minor Problems with word retrieval (Its like my brain knows what I want to say but it gets lost on the way to my mouth)

I think that covers everything. Thank you in advance to anyone out there who can help. I don't know when I'll be able to see a rheumatologist, I haven't even been given a referral yet. So I'm just hoping to get some answers while I wait.