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    Default Here we go again.

    The rheumy nurse just called, my liver enzymes are sky high again. This means that I have to stop the MTX again , but this time for good.
    It was my 5th try with the MTX, every time I had to stop, because of high liver enzymes. The last time I started in May, had a blood test done once a month and every time the numbers went up, but this time the numbers trippled, they are at 297.
    Not knowing the result yesterday, I took my weekly shot last night, wish they would have called yesterday.
    This is the end for me and MTX, the only med that helps me.
    I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis last year, so my liver is already compromised and can't take much more.
    What am I going to do?
    I just started to feel a little better, less pain. Now it is going to start all over again.
    The only thing I can look foreward to now, is more pain. I could cry, scream and have a tantrum right now.

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