I've had an increase in joint pain, but attributed it to, ahem, getting older. Oh, and picking up the golf clubs after a year. I saw Handsome Rheumy today who wanted me to continue a low dose of daily Prednisone for joint swelling/pain. I told him I'd rather not do that due to long term side effects. We compromised with him prescribing Naprosyn 500 mg daily, maximum of three per day.

Then, Handsome Rheumy invited me to return on October 31 to see how I'm doing. If no improvement, we'll discuss MTX and Cellcept. Sure, I'll slap down my co-pay to see Handsome Rheumy again! LOL

What are your experiences with MTX and Cellcept? Why were they prescribed for you? How long before you noticed an improvement?

I tried to read the "It's M Day" thread, but it's way too long (on an iPhone).

Thanks for your input!