Hello all,
My name is jay and I'm 28 from Kentucky. I had been previosly been diagnosed with SLE but after undergoing a kidney biopsy, the doctors have diagnosed me with Nephritis. I've been taking Plaquenil for 11 days now and are just waiting to get the medicine built up in my system so I can see results. Found out today that the doctors are starting me on cytoxin of 200mg/ day and upping my prednisone dosage to 40 mg/day. Does anyone have any advice as to what side affects they experienced by taking cytoxin an if it affected fertility. My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant and didn't know if we needed to save sperm and try at a later date or if this small dose of chemo would affect me. I'm new to all of this but just trying to hit it all head on. Yea, it sucks that I have lupus at such a young age but I know I've got the right team of doctor working with me! Thanks in advance for the support and encouragement