I just got diagnosed on thurs 9/12 which was my bday. The dr left me a voice message saying I have lupus, I called him back and had him fax me the lab results of the ANA Screen, IFA w/Reflex Cascade : Test ANA Direct, ANTI-DNA (DS) AB QN, whatever the hell this means. No one has spoken to me since thurs, I have called and left messages, everyone keeps telling me to follow up with rheumatology, the first available apt is jan 13. I am scared and when I go to the dr (or on weekend after hrs triage sends me to urgent care or ER for symptoms they treat me like crap. especially memorial) no one helps me they blow me off and I have no information about anything besides what I have read online, which makes my symptoms scarier. I need help, I want to make sure the lab tests are correct, but no one seems smart enough to read the damn thing. I don't know how to relieve the symptoms and im just getting more pills from the dr with no relief. Help please