I had posted a few weeks back about higher risk of ligament & tendon tears related to sle...
I know I didn't get much feed back on prevention (although I've learned some things since such as strengthening surrounding muscles) needing some advice so here's the deal:

I had injured my knee (doing nothing really) and after my appointment with the ortho Suregon it turns out I've torn my acl, lcl & meniscus. They're running another MRI today to see if I've since torn another (I believe it's called mcl). I waited a week & change-apparently that's a bad thing & I received a tongue lashing for my stubbornness. Anyways, we'd talked about surgery and they explained that their first choice is to "harvest" (totally disagree with that terminology "-" ) from a cadaver vs my own from another location. I expressed my extreme reluctancy about this-honestly I know it shouldn't but not only does it completely freak me out, I know I'll have a horrible time dealing with the fact, after the fact.
The reasoning behind the "harvesting" (shudder) is that not only are my existing ligaments & tendons deteriorating, but taking away/disturbing them ups my chances of a new injury in their locations.

I know the answer should be clear, I know I sound babyish, but the fact remains if we use cadaver parts, I'm not sure if I can psychologically handle it.

So my questions are:
If this was you what would you do?
Has anyone dealt with anything similar?
If so (and you were hesitant) how did you manage coping?

Any advice would be great-I follow up next week, but I'm stuck between a rock & a hard place :-/