Hello. I was diagnosed about 7 yrs ago with fibromalgia and within the yrs following, I gained the title Mixed Connective Tissue Disease... Then about two yrs ago, the doctor said what I had always feared...”you have Lupus.” I didn't feel any different and continued to take the same meds...Plaquinil and Neurontin. I felt blessed to have milder symptoms. This past week has been TERRIBLE. I have had intermittent fevers for five days now. Went to my primary doc yesterday. I never realized with Lupus there is SO MANY possibilities to the symptoms I am having. My upper left abdomen/chest/side has been hurting, too. I had to call off work today and for the first time, I have found myself crying ”I just want my old body back!” Hopefully, after drawing eight tubes of blood and going thru some testing, I will have answers. In the meantime, I am glad I found this site for some support. If I hear one more person who doesn't have Lupus say ”but, you look so good”, I may scream.