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Thread: I took the Plaquenil Plunge!

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    Default I took the Plaquenil Plunge!

    Hi everybody!

    I'm Lindsey and I recently introduced myself in the new members forum. I was incredibly hesitant to start any sort of medication after being diagnosed with UCTD in March of this year. I put it off for the last six months and then got smacked in the face with a bad flare a few weeks ago. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday for current bloodwork and a prescription for Plaquenil. After staring each other down (the Plaq and I) this morning, I officially swallowed my first pill. I was instructed to take one/day for a week, so that my stomach can adjust, and then bump it up to two. A few hours in and no major complaints. Hopefully that's a good indication that it won't be as bad as I predicted. SleepyInSeattle, if you read this, thank you for your responses to my original thread! You gave me the awakening I needed to see that medication is not the enemy here... this darn disease is. Although I hate the thought that I am now a daily medication-taker, I have finally come to terms with the fact that it is the right thing to do. I was playing with fire and waiting to get burned. Any advice (although I've read some past threads on Plaquenil) would be much appreciated. For instance, should I take both pills at once when I get to that point? In the morning? At night? Can I have a glass of wine with it? How about Two ? My doctor OKed all of my supplements in conjuction with Plaquenil, but should I take them at separate times? Do you all take Motrin/Tylenol/Tums etc.? I read the pamphlet and I did ask my doctor questions... probably too many questions... more than once... over several appointments. But, I'd also like input from those of you who take it. And I realize, of course, that you are not medical professionals. But, I'm sure many of you are disease and medication experts, nonetheless!

    I also have a prescription for Flexeril that has been in the depths of my bathroom drawer for the last six months. I have been having significant back/neck issues during this flare (and quite frequently otherwise) and was told, yet again, to take it. I'm really considering it this time, though muscle relaxers scare me! I have two kids, one 11 year-old, one 4 year-old, and I take care of an 18 month-old part-time, as well as after-school care of a 10-year-old! My husband also works/stays 2.5 hours away for 1/2 of the week. In other words... I need to be at the top of my game! No time for grogginess in this household! Does anyone have any experience with this medication (or other muscle relaxers). I asked my rheumy if I could even take 1/4 of a pill (he thought I was c.r.a.z.y.), because I'm so nervous about it. In anyone's experience, has it helped to knock musclular pain out for you? The thought/hope is that, taking it at night time until the pain subsides, will prevent it from coming back daily. Any thoughts??

    Thank you all for your time! I appreciate it!

    Hope everyone is feeling well!

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