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Thread: Test results after 3 months of treatment

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    Default Test results after 3 months of treatment

    Hi all!

    I was diagnosed with SLE three months ago but put on plaquenil. My case seemed mild and besides my physical symptoms, the only concerning lab results were a very high ANA and a low C3 complement level. I had my 3 month checkup last week and received the blood work results yesterday. Over the phone the tech had told me that the test results were negative and the lupus was not active in my system.

    When viewing the lab results, I became confused. Some very basic tests had been run (CBC, metabolic panel, urinalysis, etc), and all came back normal like before. However, the complement tests were not performed, and that was the only test that had out of whack values in the first place. The only new test performed was a "random urine total protein with Creatine" test. This was different than the urinalysis test that also measured protein. In this test, I had a total protein level of 4mg/dL, which was lower than the normal range of 5-25.

    I trust my doctor but I have reason to not trust the office. I am concerned that perhaps I should have been given a complement test to check my C3, and I am concerned that the low total protein level is not a sign that all is normal like the tech said.

    Can anybody tell me what is typically tested during a routine quarterly test and if I have reason to discuss these results with the doctor? Thanks.
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