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Thread: Muscle spasms or siezures?

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    Default Muscle spasms or siezures?

    This has been going on for years but the muscle spams and twitching just comes with lupus. But then there are moments like now that my whole body spasms and I completely freeze up, my mind seems like it's in lala land the few seconds it happens. It's pretty bad today because I am worn out from doing too much yesterday so it usually is worse when I don't feel good.
    Is this normal and does it happen to anyone else?? What's yalls opinions on it? I don't want to get too concerned because this stuff always happens and my mom is worried so I keep telling her it's no big deal but i'm worried these might be seizures.

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    My first comment is to say don't worry and my second comment is to say get it checked out by a neuro. I actually have seizures with mine that started off small but I didn't recognize them as being seizures. Had they been caught early little to no damage would have been done. Because I waited zi did allow things to happen that didn't have to. It couldmveryneasily be a for, of brain fog and nothing to worry about but it is better to be safe than sorry

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    I am with Mari on this one, don't worry to much, but get it checked out.
    I have had a few episodes, where I am watching tv with my husband and all of a sudden, I will ask, " what happened?" and he'll say," weren't you watching?". The thing is, I can't tell if I nodded off, or if I zoned out. It happens in other situations too. So I don't know.

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    My sister is epileptic and her neuro told her that she has "mini-seizures" (documented activity that shows in her scans) that she knows nothing about -- he described it as, that moment when you are in the middle of a sentence...and then you are like- what was I saying again? She has large, obvious seizures too, but sometimes during times when she thinks she has done well, her tests show seizure activity anyway. I would recommend getting it checked out. Seizures are dangerous - and sometimes for reasons that you would never think of. My sister's first seizure (she was 32!!!) and she seized forward and hit her head on her desk at work -- it cracked a vertebrae in her neck. Good luck!

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