Hello all, my name is May and I've had Lupus for 10 years now. I'm 34. My journey with Lupus has been a long one. In the beginning it was bad, but then I went into remission for six years. I thought I was going to live normally again. Then i became pregnant and had a baby. After the birth of my son everything just seemed to go down hill from there. With an ER visit for Plerisy, surgery for gull bladder, not to mention the extreme fatigue, kidney stones, migraines, muscle pain so severe my shoulders and neck would get swollen, you guys know how it is. I've taken almost every medication there is. I see my doctors regularly and when they do blood tests the results always come back normal. I don't get it. How can things be normal when I'm in so much pain and there are so many things going wrong with me. I also have some memory loss problems which I had to go take some memory tests for, but couldn't get in to see a psychologist to talk about. So they transfer me to another psychologist and since it's been more than 6 months the data is invalid and now I have to do another memory test. Right now I feel so helpless. Please any advice or experiences or resources would be greatly appreciated by me. Thanks a lot.